Tips To Consider Before Renting Your Wedding Day Jewellery

Every girl fantasizes about her wedding, from lehengas to make-up to jewellery, and yes, everyone expects it to be perfect. A wedding dress transforms a little girl to a bride and jewellery forms a quintessential part of a bride’s ensemble.

However, purchasing expensive jewellery that will be passed on for generations can be prohibitively expensive. Most brides hate the idea of getting their parents to buy jewels for them. And some feel that money can be invested for the future. With time, many brides have started opting for rental jewellery for their weddings. For the unversed, you can rent anything from luxurious necklaces to dazzling drop earrings. Do keep in mind these important points before you go that way.

Finalize your look first

If you have decided to rent jewellery, this is the most important tip to keep in mind. You try to choose your outfit before renting the jewellery. This will make it much easier for you to locate the jewellery.

Place Your Order early

You don’t want to wait until the last minute to order your bridal accessories because you’ll be renting them. “Ordering early increases your chances of obtaining the desired accessories and ensuring that they arrive on time. You should schedule the arrival of your jewellery two days before your wedding date,” says Sakshi Goel, CEO of Rent n Flaunt

Check the durability as well as the design-

Yes, we understand that the design of the jewellery is your top priority. However, if you don’t want to be embarrassed on your wedding day, make sure the jewellery is durable. “Check that the earrings and necklaces’ hooks and chains are strong and sturdy. It’s important to check that any studs of the ornaments are not missing,” adds Goel.

Return the pieces on time

Please ensure that you return the pieces on time without damaging them. It’s important to return the jewellery within the stipulated time. Some brides, however, forget about it as they settle into their new lives. “Enlist the assistance of a bridesmaid. Give her the responsibility of returning the jewellery,” warns Goel. Also, take extra care of the pieces and make sure they aren’t broken.